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The Biggest Tires on Honda Pioneer 700? – Everything You Need To Know

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Big tires are awesome – there’s no doubt about that. They increase ground clearance by ½ inch for every inch of tire you add and make your side-by-side look badass. That’s exactly why a lot of Honda Pioneer 700 owners put on bigger tires on their SxS as soon as they can.

But what are the biggest tires on the Honda Pioneer 700 that you can fit without rubbing? Will bigger tires rob power from your engine?

The biggest tires that you can fit on the Honda Pioneer 700 are 27″. They won’t rub, even with the stock suspension, and your SxS will easily be able to spin them in mud.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when putting bigger tires on a Honda Pioneer 700, and we’re going to cover all of that and more in this article.

What Are The Biggest Tires on Honda Pioneer 700?

There are a bunch of cases where people managed to get 28″ tires on the Honda Pioneer 700 without rubbing, but that might not be possible if your shocks are worn and sag down a bit. Also, you have to keep in mind that not all tires are true to size, meaning that even though the manufacturer says that they’re 28″, in reality, they can be 28.5″. Every bit counts when you are pushing it with tire size – you don’t want to regret buying your tires after you found out that they’re rubbing.

Now, as for the width, I would certainly recommend going with the 9″ front and 11″ rear combo. It gives you the best balance between maneuverability and traction. The skinnier front tires will make it easier to steer and the wider rear tires will maximize floatation and traction over mud.

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What are The Best Tires for the Honda Pioneer 700?

If you want to get the absolute most out of your money, then the Maxxis Bighorns 2.0 are definitely the way to go.

They have pretty aggressive lugs and are a very popular choice among Pioneer 700 owners, mostly because they are true to size. That means that you can buy 28″ Bighorns 2.0 without worrying that they will rub.

Another big advantage to the Bighorns is that they are very lightweight and won’t rob your SxS of power, though they are pretty expensive.

The ITP MudLites are also very popular due to their low price. They’re really great in moderate mud and surprisingly good on the trails.

However, they’re not that great on hardcore mud, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you plan on riding over really serious mud holes.

Can You Fit Even Bigger Tires on The Honda Pioneer 700?

If 27″ tires are not enough for your liking, then you can certainly run 28″ or even 30″ tires, but you will have to make compromises.

First off, the Pioneer 700 will mostly rub at the front while hitting serious bumps with the wheels turned all the way. Specifically, the outer portion of the plastic that protrudes from the floorboard. To deal with that, you can either trim the plastic, install a 2″ lift kit, or install a portal gear lift.

Trimming the plastic is the easiest and most inexpensive way to deal with rubbing, but it’s definitely not the best way to do it.

ATV Cv axle joints are at an awkward angle
These CV axle joints are not happy!

In most cases, a 2″ lift kit will get the job done and let you run 28″ tires with pretty much no rubbing. However, a lift kit is not ideal as it will put your CV axle joints at an awkward angle, which will definitely make them wear out quicker.

The absolute best way to deal with rubbing is by getting a portal gear lift kit. Not only will portal gears lift the whole suspension (including the swing arms) by 4″, but they will also reduce your gearing by 14-30% and keep your CV axle joints at factory spec.

So, not only will you get an actual 4″ lift, unlike the shock spacer lift kits that lift the body only, but you will maintain torque or even increase it significantly. That means much more power, outstanding ground clearance, and really big tires. Your Pioneer 700 will be ready for hardcore rock crawling.

Now, the only disadvantage to portal gears is the price. They cost a couple of thousand bucks, but if you can get them, I would HIGHLY recommend doing so.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats modifying your SxS according to your liking and then taking it for a test ride onto the trails.

Undoubtedly, the most cost-effective way to modify your Honda Pioneer 700 SxS is by putting on a set of big and aggressive tires. Not only will they make your Pioneer 700 look awesome, but they will also provide better traction and even a little bit of ground clearance.

The biggest tires that you can put on a Honda Pioneer 700 are 27″. They won’t rub with the stock suspension and you won’t need to trim any plastic or lift the SxS. Better yet, they won’t rob engine power.

If you want even bigger tires, then you will have to make compromises by either trimming plastic, lifting the body, or installing portal gears.

Whichever way you choose to do go about it, one thing’s for certain – you will have a blast once your Pioneer has big tires on it.

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